GRSB Committees                          


GRSB enjoys a variety of standing and ad-hoc committees that conduct the internal business of the roundtable to ensure members remain active in the operation of the organization. This is an important feature of a membership organization and it is essential that members maintain interest and involvement in the committees.


Who is eligible to serve?

Every GRSB member organization is eligible to serve on a standing and/or ad-hoc committee. Eligibility of participation is based on the organization, not the individual. For example, any employee of Cargill may serve on a committee, per that company’s discretion.  However, the acting chair of each committee must be a member of the GRSB executive board. 


Importantly, members must consider the time commitment required to serve and their relevant level of expertise to advance the mission and goals of the committee.  Finally, committees are responsible for the creation and oversight of the technical working groups.





GRSB Standing Committees

Budget – Oversight of finance and accounting functions.  (Chair: Roger Cady, Elanco)

Executive – Leadership and resource allocation; elected by the executive board.  (Chair: Cameron Bruett, JBS)

Membership and Nominations – Oversight of membership-related activities and nominations for the Executive Board.  

Technical – Leadership in technical-related activities and issues. 

Grievance – Serves as an ombudsman role to oversee resolution of issues and concerns of specific GRSB members. (Co-Chairs: Forrest Roberts, National Cattlemen's Beef Association & Bob Fields, Sam's Club / Walmart)

Strategic Objective Ad-Hoc Committee


Beef Sustainability Definition Committee – define “sustainable beef production” in a holistic manner that allows for multiple/regional sustainable beef systems; utilize key issues framework as guidance; establish principles by which beef production systems can be holistically measured as “sustainable.”  (Chair: Ruaraidh Petre, Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef)

Education Committee – educate GRSB members, the general public, consumers and other stakeholders on the diversity of current sustainable approaches and how to improve beef sustainability throughout the various local segments of the global beef value chain; identify sustainable approaches utilizing the triple-bottom line approach; establish compendium of sustainable approaches throughout each segment of the beef value chain. (Chair: Forrest Roberts, National Cattlemen's Beef Association)

Unification of Sustainable Beef Efforts Committee – unify global sustainable beef efforts and promote/support establishment of regional roundtables.  (Co-Chairs: Bob Fields, Sam's Club / Walmart & Gary Johnson, McDonald's)

Other Ad-Hoc Committees

Communications – publicize sustainable production practices, create public responses and press releases, provide guidance to website and newsletter materials and communicate our activities to the general public.  People with communications and media relations experience are needed. (Chair: John Robinson, National Cattlemen's Beef Asociation)

Planning for the 2nd Global Conference on Sustainable Beef – planned for Q4 2014 in Brazil. We urgently need participants to populate this group. The skills required are many including conference planning. Our administrative services will of course provide support but we encourage the active participation of GRSB members as well.  (Co-Chairs: Nathalie Walker, The Wildlife Federation & John Carter, Aliança da Terra)

Fundraising – identify and secure public/private funds to implement and support on-the-ground projects that support sustainable practices throughout the global beef value chain.(Chair: Jeroen Douglas, Solidaridad)

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