GRSB Members

The global beef industry supports millions of people worldwide and the global demand for beef is projected to rise significantly by 2050, placing greater constraints on the planet’s resources.

From across the global beef industry the following companies and organizations are hosting and supporting the Global Conference on Sustainable Beef, working to share better management practices, bringing together stakeholders from across the industry to have constructive dialog on the science and data, and building consensus on the key production impacts to identify the way forward.

GRSB consists of five constituencies: producers and producer associations, the commerce and processing sector, retail companies, civil societies and national or regional roundtables. The possibility to participate as an observer member also exists.

Each Participating Member belongs to one of the following five constituencies:

ProducerProducers, organizations and associations who are actively engaged in the
ownership and management of live cattle used to produce beef;

Commerce & ProcessingOrganizations and associations who supply
producers with goods and services or process live cattle into salable product;

RetailOrganizations and associations who bring beef and beef‐related
products to consumers;

Civil SocietyAcademic institutions, non‐government and non‐commercial
institutions, foundations and associations with a stake in the beef value chain;

RoundtableLocal, national or regional multi‐stakeholder initiatives who share
the vision, mission, and statement of purpose and objectives of GRSB.

The possibility to participate as an observer member also exists.

Observing Members are individuals, or representatives of organizations including
regulatory authorities, governmental agencies and multi‐lateral organizations with an
interest in the global beef value chain and are willing to provide subject matter expertise to the GRSB.

Founding Members

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