Technical Working Groups

The work of GRSB is accomplished through technical working groups. Importantly, these groups reflect the views of the roundtable and develop agendas, budgets and scopes of work approved by the  board of directors

The contents, conclusions and recommendations of each group will be achieved through the collaboration of GRSB technical working group members.

We ask each GRSB member organization to contribute to the development and advancement of our technical working groups. GRSB member organizations will often have the necessary skills and in-house expertise to serve on technical working groups.  However, non-GRSB members are eligible to serve on technical working groups, and we encourage GRSB members to secure the support and participation of outside experts that can assist the roundtable in meeting our mission and vision as well. 

The existing and prospective working groups are a result of the organizational needs and priorities of GRSB. The list is not exhaustive, although we will only create new technical working groups if the membership is able to support the work required.

There are two responsibilities for each technical working group: 1) collect, analyze and present information to the  board of directors, and; 2) communicate results to GRSB members and broader audiences, as appropriate.

Sustainability Supplier Survey Guidelines

While supplier surveys are an essential tool in order to make sustainability improvements; multiple, duplicative surveys can place an unreasonable burden on producers and others. However, it is not possible to improve if the baseline is not known.

GRSB-GTPS Joint Working Group on Forests (with Consumer Goods Forum)

The Joint Working Group on Forests (JWG) is a technical working group of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) and the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock (GTPS), focused on engagement and collaboration to address forest-related issues in cattle supply chains.

Development of a Beef Life Cycle Assessment White Paper and Scan

Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) are a commonly heard of tool, but although many have heard of them, not many producers and other companies really understand the value of the tool. This has led to mistrust of LCAs in general. Like every tool, LCAs can be very useful and used to an organization’s advantage in decision making processes.

Creation of a Beef Sustainability Issues Scan

All members of GRSB are aware that our focus has been divided into six Categories in a framework (Air, Biodiversity, Energy, Land, People and Animals and Water), and these divide further into 11 Key Issues.

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