Beef pleads its case in a changing world

Published by Farmer’s Weekly New Zealand

HUGH STRINGLEMAN – 19 April, 2022

The incredible diversity of beef cattle farming around the world gives it relevance, strength and endurance, Global Roundtable (GRSB) executive director Ruaraidh Petre says.

“Beef farming takes place from the Arctic Circle to the arid centre of Australia or Botswana in southern Africa, where I was working when I first heard about the Roundtable.”

GRSB has over 100 member companies and organisations, non-profits and individuals from 24 countries on five continents.

Six groups of members, called constituencies, come from producer organisations, processors, retailers, allied services, civil societies and the roundtables of 12 beef-producing countries.

The GRSB has an elected 19-member board of directors from all round the world, which includes a representative from Beef + Lamb New Zealand, and that board appoints an executive committee of six.

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