Who We Are

Member organizations worldwide field their top experts and executives to provide strong leadership serving the beef industry as GRSB General Assembly, elected Board of Director, and Executive Board members.

Committed to making a difference in the sustainability of their industry, GRSB leadership are bridge builders and connectors of resources and talent. They are dedicated to finding common ground — while honoring differences across cultural and political boundaries — for the advancement of sustainability in the global beef value chain.

Global organisations and individual members from over 24 countries expect and depend on GRSB leadership to deliver fresh, actionable, inspiring insights to guide significant outcomes.

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Our Vision

We envision a world where beef is a trusted part of a thriving food system in which the beef value chain is environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically viable.

Our Mission

The GRSB mission is to advance, support, and communicate continuous improvement in sustainability of the global beef value chain through leadership, science, and multi-stakeholder engagement and collaboration.



GRSB members include organisations, roundtables and individuals from over 24 countries. Combined, they touch nearly two out of three cattle in the global beef chain.

Member organizations deploy top leadership to actively participate in the work of bringing stakeholders from across the industry together to identify universal challenges and practical solutions for sustainable beef.

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National Roundtables & Project Initiatives

A dozen national roundtables across five continents are actively participating as members of GRSB. These ‘boots on the ground’ organizations serve their members and countries through shared access to best management practices, dialog on leading science, data and technology and collaboration on sustainability activities. They serve GRSB by providing real-time information from a wide variety of viewpoints and geographical challenges.

Map Projects & Initiatives
Working Groups

Working Groups and Councils

Member representatives conduct the business of the Global Roundtable through active committees which create and have oversight of working groups. It is an essential format to ensure member interest and involvement are maintained and communicated.

GRSB is a dynamic organization which invites professional participation, encourages a level of expertise to advance the mission and goals and commands commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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