Global Beef Sustainability Goal: Animal Health & Welfare

Provide cattle with a good quality of life and an environment where they can thrive.

Sustainable beef means providing cattle with an environment in which they can thrive. Health and welfare are the major contributors in doing so. GRSB members will focus their efforts on improving the quality of life for cattle, achieved through increased adoption of best practices in disease prevention, treatment measures, cattle handling, and appropriate genetics.

In accordance with the World Health Organisation for Animal Health policies, GRSB members work together with beef farmers and ranchers across the beef supply chain, encouraging continuous learning and adoption of best animal health and welfare practices.
The goal of increasing training opportunities by 25% of 2020 levels encourages the improvement of responsible practices. This includes allowing animals to express normal behaviours and implementing pain mitigation to ensure animal comfort.

GRSB and its members are developing methods to track training effectiveness to help minimize morbidity and mortality in beef. From farm to plate, all value chain partners are encouraged to support and invest in the continuous improvement of cattle health and welfare.