Ceres Tag joins Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef

Ceres Tag, the world’s first direct to satellite livestock monitoring platform has joined the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB).

At Ceres Tag we believe change needs to happen to enable a sustainable future and with the other members of GRSB, we believe that beef can be a sustainable of protein for the world – however beef does have challenges to overcome in biosecurity, deforest free supply chains, methane emissions and other information often misrepresented public discourse.

Ceres Tag joined GRSB to assist members in providing the compliance evidence to automate reporting on the sustainability and ESG. These credentials are the key for unlocking the potential for the Red Meat industry to provide highly nutritious protein that consumers can feel good about consuming.  The ability of Ceres Tag to provide beef producers with automated certified data on location, welfare and sustainable use of land delivered via satellite for each individual animal during it’s life is an important piece of GRSB partnerships.

Ceres Tag is the only automated, unlimited range, sickness detection and contact tracing platform, requiring no towers or cell coverage. Should a biosecurity incursion occur of national significance, Ceres Tag products and data history are able to provide the information to simulate the extent of the incursion. This has the potential to save millions of animals from unnecessary culling and enable professionals to make fast and accurate decisions on the most appropriate management process to control and eradicate the necessary animals.  A solution that could thereby improve the impact on animal welfare, environmental devastation, and the profound economic and social impact that results.

Recent announcement by the EU Community to ensure deforest free supply chains can also be addressed by the automated Ceres Tag data. Simple recording of location coordinates is a standard part of a Ceres Tag data packet on every Ceres Tag and occurs in any location and for any supply chain ownership link that the animal may be in during its lifetime without the risk created by human manual input error.

However, for Ceres Tag, it is the soon to be released Pasture Feed Intake to measure; daily pasture intake, daily methane emissions, feed efficiency and phenotype traits for genetic selection that has the potential to have a significant impact all over the globe and to provide credible evidence, to back the sustainable production statements made about beef production which the GRSB members are also aligned. This automated, auditable, compliance evidence will enable producers of beef to have the confidence to represent their product with truth and integrity.

Ceres Tag is the 21st Century traceability and sustainability partner for the beef industry.