2021 Global Sustainability Goal:
Animal Health & Welfare

Roundtable members will work together, and alongside beef farmers and ranchers, to encourage continuous learning and adoption of best practices across the beef supply chain that will improve welfare, and increase the ability of cattle to thrive in accordance with the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Increasing training opportunities by 25% based on 2020 levels will help ensure responsible practices, such as ensuring comfort, allowing animals to express normal patterns of behaviour, and pain mitigation, are implemented.

Providing cattle with a good quality of life.

Sustainable beef means providing cattle with an environment in which they can thrive – health and welfare are the major contributors to doing so. GRSB members will focus their efforts on continuing to improve the quality of life for cattle, achieved through increased adoption of best practices in disease prevention, treatment measures, cattle handling, and appropriate genetics.

GRSB members will develop or adopt practical tracking of the effectiveness of the training, while continuing to focus their efforts on minimising morbidity and mortality with measurable improvements for each. 

All value chain partners, from farm to plate, will be encouraged to support and invest in the continuous improvement of cattle’s health and wellbeing.

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