Efficiency & Innovation The Core Principles of Sustainable Beef

Global Sustainable Beef Stakeholders encourage innovation, optimise production, reduce waste and add to economic viability.

The criteria defined under this principle aim to increase the efficiency and innovation, which are seen as key to continuous improvement in the beef value chain. Efficiency improvements should also enhance the ability of the beef industry to adapt to internal and external challenges. Increased efficiency through education, partnerships and shared knowledge and experiences should be underpinned by scientific evidence that ensures environmentally sound and socially responsible beef production, while allowing and improving economic viability.


  • Cattle are selected and managed to continually optimize available resources and suit their environment, while meeting market demand and consumer preferences.
  • Waste is reduced and opportunities to reuse and recycle are maximised throughout the value chain.
  • Product value and carcase utilization are maximized throughout the value chain.
  • Water and land resources are managed throughout the value chain to ensure responsible and efficient use.
  • Energy use is optimized for efficiency and productivity throughout the value chain.
    Feed and forage use is optimized for production and welfare goals throughout the production chain.
  • Pharmaceutical, nutrient and chemical use is executed safely and responsibly, optimizing efficiency and productivity throughout the value chain.
  • Beef value chain stakeholders continually innovate, and responsibly use technologies and leading practices to adapt to changes in climate, resource and market conditions.
  • Sustainable beef production is enhanced through education, extension and partnerships where appropriate opportunities exist.