Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef Announces 
Global Sustainability Goals

The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB), announces the launch of its global sustainability goals – commitments to advance and improve the sustainability of the global beef value chain.

Established by GRSB, the goals will be led and implemented by members of the Global Roundtable.

One of the biggest challenges facing the world today is climate change and the global beef industry has a key role to play in mitigating it.

Through its worldwide network of members, GRSB intends to power progress in sustainable beef by setting ambitious goals around reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving land use, and enhancing best practices in animal welfare.

The goals intend to articulate our ambition by clearly communicating what we want to achieve and by when. 

In doing so, GRSB can outline its role and the responsibility of the beef industry in delivering a sustainable, thriving food system. By basing the global goals on regional current scenarios, the goals reflect current efforts of our members as well as future ambitions.

Please click on the following goals to find out more information:

Furthermore, these goals showcase an aligned global ambition on issues such as animal welfare, climate and land use that will enable GRSB to bring together a greater group of stakeholders to engage and buy-in to the work we are doing.

The three key areas of focus outlined in these goals have been carefully identified to reflect priority areas for advancement and improvement. GRSB’s mission is to ensure that beef maintains a sustainable global supply chain and solidifies its role as part of a sustainable food system.

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