Food The Core Principles of Sustainable Beef

Global sustainable beef stakeholders ensure the safety and quality of beef products and utilize information-sharing systems that promote beef sustainability.

This principle and criteria rely upon integrity and transparency for all members of the value chain. Related to this is the expectation that continuous improvements will be made in food safety, beef quality, information-sharing systems and waste reduction. Improvements and indicators should be scientifically-based, and focused on practicable and impactful areas, while taking consumer expectations and behaviour into consideration.



  • Food safety1 is ensured through the development, adoption, documentation, maintenance and, where applicable, third-party validation of practices throughout the value chain. This includes the prompt resolution of all cases of food safety contamination.
  • Beef quality1 is ensured through the adoption, documentation, maintenance and validation of management systems throughout the value chain. All reasonable efforts are taken to ensure the quality of beef and co-products to participants further down the value chain.
  • Information2 should be shared both up and down the value chain to provide opportunities for participants to improve their businesses, while respecting confidentiality.
  • Food waste is reduced throughout the value chain, reusing and recycling wherever practicable.

1 Ensuring food safety and quality of the beef supply are paramount to consumer perception and demand and thus part of economic viability, one of the pillars of sustainability.

2 Specific information related to sustainability principles and criteria should be determined by the local, national and regional roundtables as they establish their indicators.