GCSB Social Media Assets

Here you can find assets to use within your own social and digital channels. You can use the copy provided or cultivate your own.

To use: 
Right-click on the image and select “open image in new tab.” In the new tab, right-click on the image and save to your files. Then just copy and paste the text into the social channel of your liking.
(Some images are sized for certain social channels. I will specify which channels the image(s) can be used on.)

Global Conference on Sustainable Beef Assets:

For all posts regarding the Global Conference, please use #GCSB22 and tag GRSB. Our handle, on every channel, is @grsbeef.

The image below can be used on all social channels. It is to be used as an individual post.

Suggested copy: Join me at the Global Conference on Sustainable Beef in Denver, Colorado on November 7-10, 2022. Attendees will be inspired with new information from leaders in beef sustainability, develop relationships with numerous participants from across the globe, and further power beef sustainability. Registration opens soon! #GCSB22


LinkedIn profile banner:


Facebook profile cover photo:


Twitter banner image:


There will be more assets as we get closer and open registration. I will keep you updated on when new assets are added!